This equipment consists of a drying chamber with rotary dryers rotating around a fixed axis and using a return air stream; components that automatically adjust the drying unit's rotation speed and air flow rate according to the temperature measured inside the drying chamber; The level automatically adjusts the humidity according to the humidity sensor parameters ...

The principle of operation of the device is as follows: sunlight streaming down through the transparent glass, encountering black objects (striped fish) is arranged on drying platforms placed in the rotating system and placed inside the collection chamber. Energy is a form of "heat trap", causing the fish and the rotating unit to heat up.

The heated fish will evaporate the water, the trays and the outdoor unit frame will make the air in the chamber also heat up. Thanks to the blower (or suction), the hot, humid air from the fish is drawn out. The temperature and humidity sensors located inside the drying chamber on the one hand display the parameters, on the other hand, it will decide to automatically adjust the rotation speed of the drying unit, misting system ... To prevent flies and other insects intrude inside, drying chamber system is designed a closed corridor.

In the absence of sunshine or night, the temperature sensor system will automatically bring the drying system connected to the power supply of the grid to continue operation. This drying equipment, the temperature in the drying chamber when it is sunny, will reach 500C - 600C.

A drying chamber accommodates a minimum of 120kg of fish. Each drying plate is arranged with a maximum of 10 fish, with a top blister combined with a locking pin and attached springs, ensuring the fish are not buckled. Fish will be arranged to turn their heads inside the blister. As the fish dries out, the springs will push down the respective blisters to keep the fish from drying out. The drying rack is mounted on the drying platform from the front opening, each drying chamber has 48 drying slots (with the size of 400 x 450 cm), arranged in 6 symmetrical wings.

The device has an operating control system, can set and change operating control parameters with the increase - decrease arrows, monitor parameters (temperature, humidity, rotation speed ...). Especially, it is possible to carry out the monitoring and automatic control of the system remotely using IoT technology solutions.

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